Friday, 19 March 2010

Aberystwyth Mon Amore...

A couple of years back I was involved in a pitch (unsuccessful, unfortunately) to make a live action/CG background version of the Louie Knight Aberystwyth novels. If you've not read them, they're a bizarre but wonderful mix of Chandler and Dylan Thomas. More info about them is at:


  1. Looks cool Mike, Nice atmosphere! :)

  2. The idea was to see the 'Sin City in North Wales' aspect of the potential show, so they got me involved to do spec art in that style...

  3. Trying to find some pun in 'Aberystwyth' to put with 'City'... Can't think of one!

    Still nice looking peice Mike, conveys the atmosphere brilliantly.

  4. Lovely composition Mike, great use of white (particularly the way the splash and railings leads you into the image).

    Can't think of an 'Aberystwyth' pun either, Stu. (Now if it was 'Prestatyn'.... ;-)

  5. Awesome Mike... that's the kind of atmosphere I hope to capture with my Vampire story.

    I bow to thy greatness, good sir :)