Friday, 26 March 2010

Greek or Geek?

With the release of the new Clash Of The Titans movie fast approaching I thought I'd add a little Greek flavour to this posting.

I'm huge fan of the original Harryhousen film, which was quite inspirational to me when I was growing up (along with the Sindbad films!)

I'm sure the new movie won't disappoint me, from what I hear it's not a direct remake and from the look of the trailer its full of monstery(?) goodness and fantastic action (they've even included a couple of new characters).

So, inspired by the anticipation of seeing this new interpretation of one of my favourite Greek Myths, I dug out this colour character sketch from one of my sketchbooks, an unfinished Perseus and Medusa for you to enjoy.

(I'd advise looking at it in the reflection of a highly polished shield).

Till next time,




  1. Sweet!

    And yeah - the new movie does look all kinds of awesome - although, I'm a little confused at how Sam Worthington has managed to be involved with 3 of the biggest genre movies of the last few years? He's so bland!


  2. Hey great sketch Si! Lovin' your Medusa design.. she's bad-ass! (Fortunately I didn't turn to stone after looking at her.. guess it doesn't work after she's dead?!) :D