Thursday, 25 March 2010

So this weeks post was an illustration I did for a short story for an online magazine (the name of which escapes me!).

The story was called 'An Eye for an Eye' and it followed an inmate on death row, who tended a garden and was eventually executed, before his clone suffered the same fate, over and over again.

Anyway, despite it's age, I still rather like this piece, the composition and the colour scheme and as I don't think many people have seen this (don't think the online magazine had a very large circulation!) I thought I'd share.


  1. Nice muted colours Stu. Interesting use of an 'echo' image for the clones. Cool shading too.


  2. yeah, agree with the lighting/colours very nice. I wish other colourists had more of a clue on how to make a striking image

  3. Cheers guys!

    I'm always very nervous when I do stuff in colour, mostly because I'm a little colour blind!

    But when I do colour, most of my time is spent creating a colour pallete on PS and sticking to it.

    Too many colourists 9not that I consider myself a colourist, I just have to make do and colour my own work!) out there forget how much mood and atmosphere can convey. I think it's perhaps a side effect of the current 'photo-realism' craze in comics.