Monday, 22 March 2010

Hi all, here's a first look at Bill Savage as he's set to appear in Savage Book 6 "Crims" this May in 2000AD. He's in another disguise (on the run and all), and has gone for a more Michael Caine/ Harry Palmer look. Although he looks more like he originally did when he first appeared, inspired by Stanley Baker. He does however slip into a moody Clark Kent at times, which I can't help!!

I'll try and get my backside in gear and post stuff regularly,



  1. Love the specs. Something about retro glases on a killer... its that Harry Palmer vibe, you're right. Nice characterful sketches!

  2. Yeah, it's weird what apair of specs can do to the look and feel of a character. Great post!


  3. Or Bennet in Heroes ... he was pretty sinister at times :]
    - cool concepts Patrick! :D