Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Who!

Subscribers copies are out today, so I'm free to post some of my 11th Doctor art-- here's the splash to the premiere story featuring Matt Smith

Friday, 16 April 2010


Mr Collins kindly invited me to post on this fine blog and it's taken me three weeks to getting my finger out of my backside and post something.
And so here is my first post, which hopefully goes up okay.
I spend most of my working week creating comics and illustration for advertising, marketing etc.
This piece of retro-ness was created for a google ad campaign.
Hope you like it


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blatant Self Promotion

So just the briefest post to plug a t-shirt design I've submitted to Threadless.

If you could just take a minute to visit the site and vote for the design, if I get enough votes, it goes into production and on sale via their website and stores.

Thanks again


`Pick a card, any card!'

With the sketchathon for Draw the World Together at BICS2010 fast approaching, I thought I should get in a little practice, so here is a selection of some Marvel character sketch cards I've been producing, to give myself a little break from the graphic novel.

B&W: War Machine, Grey Hulk, Spidey, Ant-Man (on Steed), Spider-Woman and Logan,with his bone-claws and I've added a little splash of red to this one, (I think it works?)

I like to pick a few retro characters now and again, as you'll see with the selection of colour ones I've posted below.

Col: Iron Fist, She-Hulk, Power Man, Deathlok (a personal fave!), a retro-ish take on Iron Man, Vision, Black Costume Spidey, Thor and Cap.

I'm hoping to bring along all of the ones I've done, including some DC and Indie characters. I'll be posting images of all the cards to my blog a little closer to BICS, really looking forward to it!

Till next time,


Nuh- Nuh- Nefarious

Aha, my first little contribution....

Here's my completed colours for IDW Publishing's latest Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen sequel story, Nefarious #2. Lovely lovely lineart by Carlos Magno, and it's out this week!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

cover method!

I found a few bits and pieces which I thought I'd share. It's a pretty straight froward way of producing a cover for the mighty 2000AD. I'd get a call from Tharg with a general idea of a cover design, with one it was just to have Savage hanging out of his VW camper van firing towards us. I'd send a few thumbnail sketches for approval (usually 6 or so), and Tharg chooses the one he wants. I think pic 2 was chosen, but before I started I had another idea which worked even better in my opinion and sent a rough sketch off which was accepted.
I then drew it out about A5 size, I generally sketch out any large figures smaller as it's easier, and then blew the drawing up to full size (A3). I just light boxed(traced) it off onto the brstol board and inked it, it's all fairly straightforward really. No computers and such as I'm rubbish with them- as you can tell by this post with all the pics in the wrong order!!

It was later coloured digitally by Chris Blythe for publication (but I haven't a scan!), which was pretty good, although I prefer the B/W version.

Monday, 12 April 2010

My Name is Sancho!

Here's a couple of pages from an unfinished project me and Chris Lynch did for our pals Alan Nolan and Ian Whelean for their Eagle Award nominated comic 'Sancho'

It was a fun, supernatural, action based comic and at the time I had only really done a bit of horror and suspense, so these were some of the 1st action panels I'd really gotten to draw.

There are more of these pages somewhere, but only have these 2 scanned.



In this year's Hugo awards, the Captain Britain collection I contributed to is on the Hugo shortlist for best graphic novel! I know I'm only there riding on the coattails of series creators Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk but I'm utterly stunned and excited to be part of the nominated team. Hugo Awards are given out by the SF community and the comics section is pretty new so we're amongst some rarefied names-- it's also the first Marvel Comic to have been nominated so they're pretty excited too!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different.

So this weeks post is a little late from me and has nothing to do with comics. Sorry.

This week I have a logo I was commissioned for branding a local(ish) Welsh mountain biking club 'Broke Back Bikers' for use in print, online advertising and even merchandising.

They were looking for something young, vibrant and exciting which I feel the finished design captured.

Hope you like it.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Joe Rubinstein collaborations

Over this past year or so I've been honoured to work with one of my all-time favourite inkers, comics legend Joe Rubinstein. It was an absolute dream come true to work with one of my long-time favourite artists, and I am very proud to be able to share this work with you. To see more, check out my very own blog space at

Friday, 2 April 2010

Draw The World Together 2

More pics...

Draw The World Together!

Started by Andy Wildman, this comics driven charity has been working away for the last few years, initially through the sponsorship of NC Soft and their City Of Heroes Game to fund schooling in Africa as part of the EveryChild project.

Now in the capable hands of our own Kat Nicholson and Jason Cardy, along with a misfit band of comics artists (myself included) they appear at various shows, sketching for the benefit of the charity.

At the last Memorabilia show in Brum, I was there at hand to supply art-- here's examples of the kind of stuff your well spent cash can procure. These pages will be for sale at either the Bristol Comics Expo or online.