Saturday, 3 April 2010

Joe Rubinstein collaborations

Over this past year or so I've been honoured to work with one of my all-time favourite inkers, comics legend Joe Rubinstein. It was an absolute dream come true to work with one of my long-time favourite artists, and I am very proud to be able to share this work with you. To see more, check out my very own blog space at


  1. CLASSIC stuff Simon, in the very best sense of the word!

  2. Love the Spidey & Venom pic. great leaping pose on Venom.

  3. Mike... thank you! You know the classic stuff is where my heart really lies... and Joe's inks gave my work that feel I've always dreamt off :o)

    Stu.... thanks man! I had to draw this image in seperate layers, as it was also used for the DVD menus etc. I'm just glad it came out as well as it did :o)