Tuesday, 13 April 2010

cover method!

I found a few bits and pieces which I thought I'd share. It's a pretty straight froward way of producing a cover for the mighty 2000AD. I'd get a call from Tharg with a general idea of a cover design, with one it was just to have Savage hanging out of his VW camper van firing towards us. I'd send a few thumbnail sketches for approval (usually 6 or so), and Tharg chooses the one he wants. I think pic 2 was chosen, but before I started I had another idea which worked even better in my opinion and sent a rough sketch off which was accepted.
I then drew it out about A5 size, I generally sketch out any large figures smaller as it's easier, and then blew the drawing up to full size (A3). I just light boxed(traced) it off onto the brstol board and inked it, it's all fairly straightforward really. No computers and such as I'm rubbish with them- as you can tell by this post with all the pics in the wrong order!!

It was later coloured digitally by Chris Blythe for publication (but I haven't a scan!), which was pretty good, although I prefer the B/W version.


  1. Cool post Patrick - always cool to see how the rest of you guys work.

    p.s. Hope you don't mind, I tidied up the post to get rid of all the space the site had put in between all the text.



  2. Cool.. I love seeing the thought process behind the art like this! :D

  3. thanks Stu, I haven't a clue what happened, tried several times but failed miserably! I'm crap with computers