Friday, 2 April 2010

Draw The World Together!

Started by Andy Wildman, this comics driven charity has been working away for the last few years, initially through the sponsorship of NC Soft and their City Of Heroes Game to fund schooling in Africa as part of the EveryChild project.

Now in the capable hands of our own Kat Nicholson and Jason Cardy, along with a misfit band of comics artists (myself included) they appear at various shows, sketching for the benefit of the charity.

At the last Memorabilia show in Brum, I was there at hand to supply art-- here's examples of the kind of stuff your well spent cash can procure. These pages will be for sale at either the Bristol Comics Expo or online.


  1. Awesome stuff, Mike! May I ask what do you use for the colours... then I can get some practice in ready for Bristol!

  2. Yeah, they are totally fantastic Mike! .. but then I already told you that at Memorabilia!
    Hey, I got an email message when Simon left his comment.. - have you managed to find a way to set up email-alerts? :)

  3. When Mike Collins Updates, he UPDATES! ;-)

    These are sweet - although now worried I'm going to have to up my game and do colour sketches at Bristol :-o

  4. Stu; ya can charge more for colour! - depends on the pic for me, some benefit from a splash of colour.. others are best left as black and white. ;)

    *is currently trying to organise the fund-raising sketch-a-thon for Bristol!* LOL