Sunday, 21 March 2010

Rummaging Around my Hard-drive!

So nothing new or even remotely sketchy to post this week, so instead I had a look through my old external hard-drive to see what forgotten gems/disasters I would find.

What I came across was the half finished 1st page to an experimental short story called 'The Night Watchmen' written by Chris Lynch, which featured 2 storied running simultaneously, seemingly unlinked that would eventually blur together. To help distinguish the 2 stories, it was decided one would be traditional sequentials, coloured digitally, the other would be painted illustrations.

Anyway, it never really developed past the 1st page, but I think it still looks interesting, even if the sequentials are still in black & white.


  1. Ooh! Nice seeing your painted stuff Stu, nice pacing on the panels.


  2. Cheers Dude!

    Think it would only have worked on a short story, would become a bit too repetative I think for anything longer.

    But it's an interesting peice still I suppose.


  3. It'd be interestin' to see what this idea might have looked like coloured up ... - as a black and white piece it's really different! :) - lovin' the contrasting styles! :)